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Power Train Cooling

Winter is here… Now’s the time to plan the upgrades for the spring.

Fluids perform at their best when they are fresh, clean, and cool.  The synthetic swap is a debate I’ll leave for the bitog forum gurus. Of course the next step is to keep them cool. ATRA (auto trans rebuilders association) released research showing every 20°F drop in fluid temp doubles its life span.

So where to start?  Transmission cooler is my suggestion.  Transmission repairs are costly and can be a nightmare if the problem is misdiagnosed or something else is missed.

So if you start looking around there are a ton of choices out there for transmission coolers.  So who do you choose?  And why?  For starters I wanted a cooler from a manufacturer, not some parts importer. Manufacturers that have their name on the cooler have more skin in the game.  Next I look for the age of the company. Appears Hayden has been in the game the longest… and they have a bad ass plate fin cooler at O’Reilly Auto. Sold.

Scan tool shows 170°F trans temp after some spirited driving (within the speed limit on the frontage road of course).

Next up, engine oil cooler.

P Heffcac

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Happy 2016 – Lube your window tracks!

Hope your Christmas and New Years went well.

Wife got me lumps of coal (literally Butterfinger makes a candy called this)… thanks honey.


Driving through the light display the local city puts on we get to the end.  Santa is handing out candy canes to kids that want them… so I roll down the back window and crunch.  Wife asks what happened; I know in an instant… cable is done and we now have a cold ride home with a window stuck in the down position.

So I stopped by AutoZone (on the way home) and went in to ask for the regulator and motor combo to swap out when I get home.  I get offered an ACI brand or Dorman.  Well I can’t stand whor-man (they are ok for nuts and bolts but that’s about it…) so I gave the ACI combo unit a shot.  I must say I am pleasantly surprised.  ACI has a longer plug wire and feels heavier.  The Dorman unit felt cheap in the store.  Try it – hold them both in your hands…  The store was going to have to order either one so I decided to save $25 and go with the ACI unit – glad I did.

Another example of why I run away from Dorman window motors/regulators is the inconsistency.  Dorman will have the same part number on 2 boxes of different sizes.  Seriously, go to the auto parts store and check out the inventory of combos.  Even the picture on AutoZone’s website is different than the picture on Dorman’s site.  Little things like these should be red flags.combo compare


In the end if I had been more liberal with the window track spray probably wouldn’t have been in this situation.  Learn from me – lube those window tracks next service.


P. Heffcac

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