Power Train Cooling

Winter is here… Now’s the time to plan the upgrades for the spring.

Fluids perform at their best when they are fresh, clean, and cool.  The synthetic swap is a debate I’ll leave for the bitog forum gurus. Of course the next step is to keep them cool. ATRA (auto trans rebuilders association) released research showing every 20°F drop in fluid temp doubles its life span.

So where to start?  Transmission cooler is my suggestion.  Transmission repairs are costly and can be a nightmare if the problem is misdiagnosed or something else is missed.

So if you start looking around there are a ton of choices out there for transmission coolers.  So who do you choose?  And why?  For starters I wanted a cooler from a manufacturer, not some parts importer. Manufacturers that have their name on the cooler have more skin in the game.  Next I look for the age of the company. Appears Hayden has been in the game the longest… and they have a bad ass plate fin cooler at O’Reilly Auto. Sold.

Scan tool shows 170°F trans temp after some spirited driving (within the speed limit on the frontage road of course).

Next up, engine oil cooler.

P Heffcac

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