So ever been mad at a retailer?  I know I have… especially when I have a vehicle torn apart in my driveway.  If I have to wait or do a job again it frustrates me to no end.  Its one of the reasons I refuse to install anything purchased from a local parts house near me …. cough ZONE… cough… sorry.

So I found a website about people who just like me… they are pissed.  And they have taken to the web to share their bad experiences.  Now some you just know that the guy should have visited a shop before attempting the work that they were so those you take with a grain of salt.  Or they could have shot me an email for a quote… I don’t mind  😉

Oddly enough each major parts store gets their own little corner with stats.  This is where the fun begins.  Basically they all suck.  With O’Reilly and Zone tying for best position with a 2.3 out of 5… that is just sad.  Napa gets 3rd with 2.0, Pep Boys 4th with 1.9, and Advance and RockAuto at the bottom with 1.8.  Neck and neck for the participation award.  I’ll link each page for your own personal viewing pleasure at the bottom of my article.  Trust me… have a few drinks before reading; it will make it much more entertaining.  You’d think that RockAuto would have an advantage since they are all online, but no they seem to get dinged just as bad.  I have to give Pep Boys credit… their average loss is low (under $800) for someone who typically has service bays where work is done compared to the other parts suppliers.








P. Heffcac

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