Customer Validation Sucks

Ages ago when auto parts were actually made of metal and not 99% plastic, companies spent the time to validate and test.  Parts were designed then test for fit, form, function, and durability (longevity).  Now with the demanding, instant gratification driven culture we continue to support companies who put garbage in the box in exchange for speed to market.

Stop it.  Bad suppliers, bad.

Customers are not the ones who should validate products.  From what I have found companies that actually make something (ie own factories) get this and do it right… Federal Mogul, Borg Warner, Behr, SMP, Hayden. Those that push the garbage of the world tend to only want the cheapest product as fast as possible to make a sale. These are the ones we need to be wary of; as support leads to more demand for garbage (Dorman, shame on you). The fix-it-later after someone complains is bad business and pisses off techs.

So what can you as a consumer do?  Simple.  No more parts with lifetime warranties. These are usually junk and retailers give you another turd in the box in hopes it’s “better” the second time. Another idea is to avoid parts that are ridiculously under priced.  The cheapest part is typically the first one to fail. 

When in doubt read ratings and do your homework.  It just might save some frustration.
P. Heffcac


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