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Cooling Issue? I’m your man…

Everyone has that “guy”… you know the one that you call for a specific something when you are in need.  No, I am not talking about the one that will help hide the body, but more so the one that you call when you have a question that you know they can answer.


Well I’d like someone out there to see if they can stump me.  Submit me an AC or powertrain cooling question and I’ll do my best to see if I can help work you through it.  Maybe I get it right and save you some $$$.  Maybe not, but lets face it – a direct specific answer is probably better than reading a bunch of message boards in hope someone has the same problem.

Aside from slinging wrenches for more years than I care to count I also have some industry contacts in my arsenal to help me in case I do start to feel lost.  I obtained my master auto ASE in my twenties and have maintained it since.  I find solving problems helps keep the mind sharp.



P. Heffcac




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